Inclusive Education

CSSS envisages that allchildren should have the space to develop their potential to the optimum limit. Children needexposure to proper education process, build self-confidence and public speaking quality, in this process, ourprogram intends to reduce the number of child labour, increase child protection mechanisms byinvolving all stakeholders to account, promote development of children through learning andformal schooling and their participation in the processes which will shape their future. The intervention among children in the age group of 6-18 years also aims to build and train the community members on child rights especially on education,development and participation.


  • Regular Educational support for the academic progress.
  • Promote thematic learning and adoption of alternative mode of education.
  • Teaching Learning Material support to the children from the disadvantaged groups.
  • Establishment of Learning Centers.
  • Parents teachers interface.
  • Activities in the form Art and Craft and other activities.
  • Self Confidence building inputs.


  • 39 well -functioning learning centers are in place catering to the socio-educational need of 595 children.
  • Art and Craft activities conducted in 10 Learning Centers.
  • TLM provided to 204 children.