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Catholic Social Service Society (CSSS) handed over face masks, hand sanitizers and face shields to Government Authorities

Monday, August 10, 2020

Within one week of August, CSSS handed over 2000 face masks, 250 hand sanitizers and 60 face shields to AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA and DIG OFFICE (Udhampur Reasi Range) to help front line workers to stay safe in their line of duty.

Fr. Justin Thiraviam (Director, CSSS) said that, they are making masks with the help of their Self- help group’s network and distributing them free among the local population. He also said that they are helping Government and health departments to ensure the safety and wellbeing of front-line workers. They are also making awareness about COVID-19 among the lesser-privileged classes who have very limited access to trustworthy information about the viral infection and its prevention.

Sh. Sujit Kumar Singh, IPS (DIG) Udhampur-Reasi Range, appreciated the CSSS work and said that this kind of humanitarian work is very much needed in the society at present and wished the organization to keep doing the good work and at the same time requested people to continue wearing masks and observe social distancing.

Sh. Kapil Sharma, KAS (Nodal officer) Airport Authority of India, applauded the effort of the organization and said that when face mask and sanitizers have become the basic necessity of the survival, in this situation CSSS is distributing free mask to general public which is very much valuable.