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Input sessions on Paddy cultivation organised

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A two-day training programme on system of rice intensification and direct sowing paddy cultivation techniques was conducted at village Sandhi. The topics covered during the sessions on 29th & 30th May 2018 were; types of paddy, selection of paddy for suitable conditions, preparing the land for cultivation using gadgets, sowing, weed management and water management.
In the beginning of the session the Agriculture expert for the programme, Mr. Gurdeep Singh explained to the farmers that “before rice can be planted, the soil should be in the best physical condition for crop growth and the soil surface is level”.
Later, he gave input on land preparation which involves plowing and harrowing to ‘till’ or dig-up, mix and level the soil that helps seeds to be planted at the right depth and also in weed control. During the programme inputs were also given on nutrient management and weed management. At each growth stage, the rice plant has specific nutrient needs thus making nutrient management a critical aspect of rice farming. He guided farmers to avoid conditions that allow pest to adapt and thrive in a particular ecosystem and what factors can be manipulated to manage them.
Second day session was based on transplanting and direct seeding. Mr. Singh suggested that transplanting should be done with 5 cm water level in the field and should be maintained for 5 days. In between use the organic fertilizers in the field to add supplement to the soil. The second part of the session was on direct field demonstration on transplanting. Field demonstration helped the farmers to get practical and firsthand information on transplanting. At the end of the session Mr. Garu Ram (President, Farmers club) presented vote of thanks to the resource person.